Filter Kit was designed to fit the Cerberus X computer case without the handle. Give your case protection against negative effects of dust build-up! This will allow you to use your PC in harsher environment while you are mobile.


Do not place near strong magnets (i.e. speakers) otherwise you may demagnetize the dust filters making them unable to stick.

Package content: 1x bottom filter, 1x top filter, 1x side filter, 1x small rear filter, 1x front filter

Dust filters are delivered with frame and mesh color as per customer order.

How it Works?

DEMCiflex Dust Filters fits over the air intakes of your computer case. The filters are designed to be used on the outside of the case to allow easy removal and cleaning without the need of using screws, tools, special skills, or opening the computer case. It is highly recommended to use the filters on ventilation areas of your computer case, where air enters the case. For best results positive air pressure is recommended (i.e. more fans oriented as air intake than as an exhaust).

Dust filters do limit to a certain degree the amount of air entering the case. As a result it normal to see slightly higher internal temperature. However the benefit of limiting the dust entering the computer case that may damage sensitive electronics overtime highly outweigh the effect slightly higher internal temperatures. For best results we recommend to use case fans that are optimized for high static pressure.

DEMCiflex filter thickness is less than 2mm (1.9mm approx) and if combined with the extra magnet for non-magnetic surfaces (e.g. aluminum case panels) it is  less than 2.5mm(2.4mm approx).

Please note, that SLIGER case’s side panels are made out of non-magnetic aluminum. Filters for these side panels have a stick-and-peel magnetic strip included, so they can be installed on these panels as well.

Using DEMCiflex filters on non-magnetic surfaces

Filters that are designed for use on non-magnetic side panels are equipped with a magnetic stick-and-peel strip. Easy instructions below will show you how to install such filter on your computer case in no time.



Dust filters instructions


Weight0.2 kg

Black Frame and Black Mesh, White Frame and Black Mesh, White Frame and White Mesh

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