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We specialize in import and distribution of Small Form Factor computer cases (SFF cases) and IT solutions to European market. We’ve partnered with very carefully selected suppliers and thanks to that we are happy to share with you our love and passion in powerful, compact and portable computer systems made out of high quality materials in a beautiful, modern and functional design.

With assistance of our selected partners we can also provide our customers durable rugged computer cases in a rack- or wall- mount format and we help you any design change request for your industrial application. Our rugged computer cases can withstand the harshest of environments and handling. As a result, it’s making them very suitable for Transportation and Railway application, Mining and Exploration, Automation and other environments with demanding structural requirements.

Reputable manufacturers

Reputable manufacturers

We work only with manufactures who guarantee high quality and customer satisfaction.

No extra cost

No extra cost

You won’t be surprised by any customs fees or other hidden costs.

Logistics experience

Logistics experience

We will provide you what you need as fast as possible and anywhere you need.

Individual approach

Individual approach

We will not offer you just a product, but a solution tailored to meet your needs.

Small footprint and high mobility

take your SFF system anywhere with ease

Subtle & Clean Design

make your workspace or home office bit more beautiful

Easy upgradability

compatibility with almost all regular computer components

Robust construction

Robust construction

with high quality materials for ensuring component safety

Small form factor cases have a lot of specific use cases. Thanks to their compact footprint they are easily portable. As a result, their small volume ensures their structural rigidity. High quality materials take care of safety of internal components. Carefully engineered internal layout allows high component compatibility. Also do not forget the much more better thermal performance compared to regular mobile solutions, e.g. laptops, which will positively impact the lifespan of internal electronics. And when the performance of the complete system is not enough, easy upgradability saves you a lot of costs compared to a complete system change.

Computer enthusiasts

Are you an enthusiast demanding high computational power in the smallest possible footprint? A custom water cooled Small Form Factor PC rig made out of high quality materials in an unique design will complement your carefully selected components just right.


Are you a gamer attending LAN parties or visiting your friends to organize some fun gaming evenings? A compact, mobile gaming system will allow this with ease without performance compromises known from laptops and will stand out from your competition PCs.


Are you a content creator, an engineer, designer or architect? A Small Form Factor computer system will give you a high performance on-the-go. Demanding professional applications like CAD or video editing software will not be slowed down by an inefficient laptop performance and you will not need to let your clients wait anymore. Finish time sensitive tasks without expensive delays right in the field.

Business clients

Your employees and their desks also represent your business. You can rearrange their desks to look tidy, organized and you can color-match them to be in line with your company identity. No more boring black dusty boxes. A self-configured Small Form Factor system can even save you money once it’s time for a company-wide IT system upgrade. Unlike with regular off-the-shelf office PCs from large brands, there is no proprietary internal layout in our standard cases which ensures easy upgradability.


Committed to bring the professionals, enthusiasts and gamers Small Form Factor case solutions for their portable workstations and gaming rigs.

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