UPDATE: All new Linkup Gen4 Ultra riser cables will ship in the new updated variant in ALL-BLACK color instead of black riser with red insulating ribbons.

High-Speed flexible PCIe Gen 4.0 16x riser cable by LINKUP in a custom 24cm length with mounting bracket designed specifically for Small Form Factor cases.

Offset mounting bracket allows you to mount a 2-slot graphics card into the first OR middle position. This way the depending on GPU thickness the GPU can be positioned closer to the vented side panel for more sleek look and improved thermal performance thanks to direct access to cold outside air. This makes cooling much more effective, resulting in lower fan rpm and overall system noise.

Compatible with Sliger SM550, SM560, SM580, SV540 and SV590 Mini-ITX computer cases.

  • PCIe 4.0. riser cable will help you to avoid BSOD or WUE / WHEA errors and will provide more bandwidth for demanding professional applications or overclocked GPUs***
  • LINKUP Riser Cables feature technology used Extreme High-Speed wires that are tested to reach speeds of up to 160GB/s for the sum of all x16 channels
  • High-quality shielding – Individual PCIE laneway shielding blocks unwanted interference to improve signal strength at longer distances
  • Designed to match PCIE impedance differential of 85 ohms-signals traveling between the motherboard and the GPU are matched at the proper frequency without added capacitors that can fail
  • Improved flexible design allows for more folds and aggressively angled orientations while maintaining airflow to keep temperatures low
  • Hand-soldered 4-layer PCB with gold-plating for best signal and product life
  • Designed with heavy-duty junctions at PCB/cable junctions for improved durability
  • Every cable is tested before shipping to confirm its function

***Compatible with GPU – RTX3090, RTX3080, RTX3070, RTX3060TI, RX6900XT, RX6800 / Chipset – x570, B550.

Package content: PCI-e 4.0 riser cable with mounting bracket and mounting screws

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