Standard flexible PCIe 16x 3.0 riser cable by ADT-Link in 23cm length and standard mounting bracket.

Compatible with Sliger SM550, SM560, SM580, SV540 and SV590 Mini-ITX computer cases.

  • PCIe3.0 x16 full speed riser cable suitable for most standard applications and gaming at a reasonable price
  • Works with all modern motherboards and GPUs***
  • For PCI-e 4.0 motherboards and GPUs it is recommended to set motherboard BIOS to Gen3 speed manually for best compatibility
  • Almost no difference in performance during standard gaming and light-content-creation scenarios compared to PCI-e 4.0 riser cables
  • Each cable fully covered by electromagnetic interference shielding with conducting polymer to guard against incoming or outgoing emissions of electromagnetic frequencies, minimize disturbance and degradation on performance
  • Flexible split-cable design that allows users to bend the cable multiple times without signal loss
  • Every cable is tested before shipping to confirm its function

***Compatible with modern GPUs – please set your BIOS correctly to Gen3 speed for best compatibility and performance.

Package content: PCI-e 3.0 riser cable with mounting bracket and mounting screws

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