PCIe 16x 3.0 riser cable with 2-slot bifurcation manufactured by AMERI-RACK. Bifurcation technology is splitting a signal from a single PCIe 16x 3.0 slot into two PCIe 3.0 16x slots with 8x lanes each.

Compatible with Sliger SM560, SM580, SV540 and SV590 Mini-ITX computer cases.

We recommend to use it only by advanced users and we advise to check compatibility with your motherboard manufacturer first.
Known supported motherboards include Gigabyte Z390 Aorus, Z370N, Gigabyte B550 and X570 ITX, Asrock Z390, Z370, X299, X99 and most server motherboards.

NOTE: Most motherboards supporting bifurcation require to specifically enable it in the BIOS/UEFI settings. We recommend to connect your GPU and start the PC outside of the case to enable this setting or use integrated GPU if available.

Please be aware that the bifurcated riser cable is a passive component (with no active chips or circuitry). Therefore bifurcation is heavily depending on motherboard manufacturers and their BIOS revisions. It can change with future motherboard BIOS updates. Therefore we recommend specific motherboards to check via public forums with other users or with manufacturer’s support team directly. We therefore cannot take responsibility for instability caused by unsuitable motherboard model or BIOS revisions.

Package content: Bifurcated riser cable with mounting bracket and mounting screws